Early Clinical Research

Why DaVita Clinical Research®?

As part of one of the largest US healthcare providers*, DaVita Early Clinical Research has a unique advantage that that only a provider-based clinical research organization can provide. We integrate real-world healthcare experience to deliver an expertise in pharmacology and drug clearance studies, and access to robust datasets and industry leading analytics that could help to further the design and recruitment of complex studies that support regulatory submissions. In addition, our operational excellence, superior customer service, flexibility, and quality data make DaVita Clinical Research a leading choice for outsourced early phase research.

With two hospital-based facilities dedicated to early-phase research, DaVita Clinical Research brings a track record of success to your Phase I studies. For more than 25 years, we have helped over 150 biopharmaceutical clients efficiently and effectively manage and execute early phase clinical trials in both healthy normal volunteers and specialty patient populations. Our integrated clinical data analysis and reporting offering allows for effective and timely decisions about safety and efficacy.

  • More than 300 early phase clinical trials for more than 150 pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  • Leadership with extensive experience in drug development and clinical pharmacology
  • Extensive Phase I trial experience in the last 3 years, including:
    • Studies in healthy normal volunteers and patient populations, including FIH/SAD/MAD studies
    • Cardiovascular studies
    • More than 60 renal and hepatic clearance studies enrolling more than 700 patients
  • Hospital based facilities in Denver and Minneapolis with 122 total beds operating under common SOPs and access to numerous patient populations, physicians and ancillary services reporting

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Clinical Studies for Regulatory Submission

First-in-human Mass balance (ADME)
Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic
Adaptive trial designs Bioavailability/Bioequivalence
Drug/Drug interaction QT/QTc
Food effect

Specialty Populations

Chronic kidney disease
– Mild, moderate, severe
– Types I and II
End-Stage Renal Disease Hepatic
– Mild, moderate, severe
Cardiovascular NY classification II, III, IV Elderly

Special Procedures Available

Echocardiograms Actual renal function measurement via Iohexol/PAH
Bio-Z cardiac monitoring Ophthalmic studies
Bronchoscopy Full suite of imaging
Biopsies Pulmonary function
Hypoxia induction Blood transfusions

Certifications and Licensing

Mortara Certified partner ACLS Certified nursing and medical staff
USP-797 Certified for high risk compounding State licensed pharmacy
ISO Class 6 clean room DEA license for schedule I-IV drugs
APPI Certified physician investigator Nuclear medicine license

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