A Look at Clinical Trials Through the Eyes of Our Patients

Posted by: DaVita Clinical Research

Enhancing Patient Engagement and Many Other Benefits

DaVita Clinical Research is committed to taking a patient-centric view at every stage of participant involvement within a clinical trial. To better understand the patient voice, we sat down with five research participants that have recently participated in HD or CKD trials to learn more about their experiences. Many common themes were found during these interviews, but our patients resoundingly felt that by participating in research, they felt more engaged with their health and felt a strong desire to help fellow kidney patients.

What They’re Saying: Enhancing Patient Engagement

Below is a sample of what our patients said about their experience in clinical trials as it pertains to their feelings on patient engagement.  Patients overall felt engaged in the process and have experienced additional benefits like the improved monitoring of their health.  Increased patient engagement not only empowers participants, it also provides an opportunity to further educate patients on their condition and an opportunity for better management.

  • “The conversations with my coordinator allow me to have additional touchpoints related to my caregivers” – HD Dialysis Research Participant
  • “By participating in a clinical trial, my health is monitored more frequently due to additional visits.” – HD Dialysis Research Participant
  • “I’m much more aware of my condition due to the engagement and attention I receive from participating in clinical research”. – CKD Research Participant
  • “I’ve learned of future treatment plans for CKD and am more aware of my condition and overall health due to participating in renal research.” – CKD Research Participant

Desire to Help Other Kidney Patients:

One of the more important benefits for participants in renal clinical trials is the positive impact they are having on the greater community.  Universally, participants felt good about benefitting and helping others by participating in trials.  Beyond their personal benefits from participating, they know their participation is playing a larger role in the development of new treatments and management for the CKD population.

  • “It feels good that my participation in research may help others, and hopefully myself as well.” – CKD Research Participant
  • “I participated in my trial in hopes that it may benefit and help others.” – CKD Dialysis Research Participant
  • “I initially participated to help manage my own condition, but it feels good to know I’m also helping others” – HD Dialysis Research Participant
  • “It feels very good that my participant may shape the future of medicine for fellow kidney patients” – HD Dialysis Research Participant

Research Empowers Patients

Volunteering for a clinical trial often helps patients to feel more in control over their diseases. A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness can be demoralizing for many patients, and contributing to clinical trials can help them feel like they’re an active participant in fighting their disease.

Today and every day, DaVita Clinical Research thanks all research participants for their essential contributions to public health and medicine. We’re proud to work alongside our participants to advance clinical drug research and device development for the renal community.