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What Does the Kidney Do?

Anyone travelling on a long highway after 3 cups of coffee becomes really aware of their kidneys very quickly. But, besides getting rid of excess water, the kidney has other… Read more

An Inside Look at Risk Based Monitoring

Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) is a clinical trial-monitoring method that was developed to fulfil regulatory requirements but moves away from 100% source data verification (SDV) of patient data. RBM, in… Read more

Behind the Scenes of Clinical Research

Clinical research provides doctors important information on how to effectively treat patients, and is what makes the development of new medicines, new procedures and new tools possible. Clinical research allows… Read more

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The directory provides a listing of our publications organized by area search, the year published or presented, and the type of publication such as a manuscript, meeting abstract, poster, etc. The publications are searchable by author, date, or keyword. The search results may take a minute to load so please be patient. Visit our Medical Communications service page for further information about our publishing capabilities.


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