Maximize Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials with SMOs

Posted by: DaVita Clinical Research

There are many reasons why people might choose to participate in a clinical trial. Some people may be motivated by a desire to help others. Others may be interested in the potential benefits of the new drug or treatment. Still, others may be motivated by a financial incentive.

Whatever the reason, clinical trial patient participation is a major commitment. It requires time, effort, and often inconvenience. Participants must be willing to follow the instructions of the study team and undergo any necessary tests or procedures.

Site Management Organizations (SMOs) can play a valuable role in improving patient engagement and retention in clinical trials. SMOs can help to educate patients about clinical trials, make it easier for patients to participate, and provide support to patients throughout the study process.

SMOs can also help to identify patients who are eligible for clinical trials, recruit patients for clinical trials, and help to manage the logistics of clinical trials, such as scheduling appointments and collecting data.

There are a number of things that researchers can do to help maximize patient engagement in clinical trials. These include:

  • Educating patients about the potential benefits and risks of clinical trials. Patients need to understand what clinical trials are and what they can expect when choosing to They also need to be aware of the risks and potential benefits of participating.
  • Making it easy for patients to participate. Patients should not have to jump through hoops to participate in a clinical trial. The study team should make it easy for patients to understand the process of enrolling and participating in a clinical trial.
  • Making the study process as comfortable as possible. Patients should feel comfortable with the study process. They should be able to ask questions and get answers from the study team through patient input. They should also feel like they are in control of their own care.
  • Providing support to patients. Patients should feel supported throughout the study process. The study team should be available to answer questions and provide support. Patients should also have access to resources, such as counseling or additional assistance if needed.

SMOs can help researchers increase the number of patients who participate in clinical trials. This can help advance the development of new drugs and treatments and as a result, help improve the health of the population.