A message from our General Manager, Amy Young:

DaVita Clinical Research® is a renal site network that began in 1985 as a pharmacology site within an academic hospital. Our roots are in clearance and PK studies, and we have continued to build that expertise since DaVita acquired this capability in 1997. Our purpose and spirit have driven our growth. We are a resourceful and values-oriented team. Our focused expansion has added capabilities that serve our drug and device development customers as well as our parent company’s research needs. The motivation to improve both knowledge and practice of healthcare allows us to attract top talent and provide tangible, actionable insights to our customers. We hope that when you work with us, you will experience our heads, hearts and hands applied to your most important programs and will engage us as an extension of your teams.

In order to effectively achieve our mission we have focused on capabilities that serve both the clinical research portion of development as well as the commercialization and post-launch aspects. Our late-stage renal research teams have assets that can drive knowledge and practice discoveries. All of this sits atop a foundation of operational excellence that we call “getting the right stuff done.” Strong operational and project management expertise is a part of our organizational DNA. We know that’s important to our customers as well in a world with increasing pressures on time and achieving project endpoints.

We look forward to engaging with your team to advance new therapies and new care paradigms.

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