Message from Amy Young, General Manager

Why do over 100 people choose DaVita Clinical Research
as their employer of choice?


DaVita is a community first and company second. At the core of the DaVita Clinical Resarch culture is the desire for all teammates to feel like they belong, add value, and feel supported.


Belonging at DCR is an action word.  It’s a proactive spirit that values and encourages people to bring all of their gifts and perspectives to work with them.  As belonging grows our capabilities and successes grow for our teams, individuals and our organization.

Career Development:

DaVita teammates have access to world-class career development programs and opportunities. This includes structured leadership develop programs, mentorship opportunities, and career growth opportunities at DCR and throughout the Village.


Healthcare is an ever-changing industry. DaVita is a leader in value-based care, positioning DCR as an important part of the future of healthcare. Working at DCR affords opportunities to gain knowledge and be at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


I hope you’ll consider DaVita Clinical Research as the next
step in your healthcare career!


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