Use our real-world healthcare data to help inform your decisions and drive your strategy

Real-World Healthcare Data from DaVita Clinical Research helps empower pharmaceutical and biotech organizations to answer discrete questions and perform exploratory data analysis in support of clinical research and commercialization strategies.

  • A longitudinal view of the patient journey through end-stage renal disease
  • Real-world data and reports with clinical depth and breadth that come only from a large health care provider
  • Insights informed by our expert led team and key opinion leaders

Value across all phases of development

Our extensive real-world healthcare data solutions can help you in any phase including development, pre-launch, or post-launch.

Development Phase

Inform trial design
Identify new populations/markets
Evaluate product/therapy trends
Characterize disease population
Review market sizing and trends
Identify unmet clinical

Pre-launch Phase

Support pricing and economic modeling
Conduct pricing analysis
Understand dosing and vial size metrics and distributions
Generate payer/buyer evidence for market access
Understand and test utilization and effectiveness to build a value proposition
Provide real-world evidence to inform provider insights

Post-launch Phase

Understand competitive market share and new product uptake
Supplement Phase III data points
Monitor safety and compliance
Track physician order dose changes and response over time
Track messaging effectiveness and prescribing behavior/ prescribing patterns
Perform retrospective research while handling significant confounders
Observe impact of contemporaneous information releases
Position scarce/expensive resources appropriately
Determine actual clinical cost and effectiveness