Renal Clearance Studies

Regarded by some as the clearance experts, DCR’s two clinical pharmacology centers offer a broad range of experience within the clinical pharmacology space

Ready access to DaVita® owned hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis centers

  • Allows for simplified 24-hour monitoring when conducting dialysis studies
  • Provides condensed project feasibility by allowing access to our proprietary database system across multiple disease states

Highly specialized trials with focused subject population requiring specific conditions

  • Conducted more than 90 such trials in the last five years
  • Enrolled 885 subjects with an average enrollment timeframe of 2-5 months

DCR’s team is headed by Harry Alcorn, Jr., PharmD, Chief Scientific Officer

  • Conducted over 300 renal protocols
  • Enrolled over 8,000 subjects with mild, moderate, or severe renal function and those on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis
  • Dr. Alcorn has written over 50 renal protocols and consulted on study design, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and drug-drug interactions in renal patients on over 200 protocols

DCR has the capability to define and understand GFR

  • A measure of pre-renal blood flow of a drug
  • Helps understand if there is an impact on renal function and whether it is real or artifact

DCR offers a team of highly experienced and qualified staff

  • Backed by the DaVita Inc. brand that volunteers and sponsors alike recognize for quality, integrity and safety

An active renal research database for this patient population consists of 567 Pre-ESRD and 2,700 ESRD patients on dialysis