The Top 5 Tech Requests from a CRC

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DaVita Clinical Research sites completed over 45,000 research related patient visits in 2018.  Our sites have worked with more than 70 sponsors and have learned the pros and cons of… Read more

Processing Amendments

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After a successful and energetic investigator meeting, your highly anticipated clinical trial locomotive is clicking on all cylinders. Enrollment is ahead of schedule, you’re way under budget and ahead of… Read more

What Does the Kidney Do?

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Anyone travelling on a long highway after 3 cups of coffee becomes really aware of their kidneys very quickly. But, besides getting rid of excess water, the kidney has other… Read more

An Inside Look at Risk Based Monitoring

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Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) is a clinical trial-monitoring method that was developed to fulfil regulatory requirements but moves away from 100% source data verification (SDV) of patient data. RBM, in… Read more