Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day: Why We Need Clinical Trials

Posted by: DaVita Clinical Research

On May 20, 1747, James Lind, a surgeon aboard a British Royal Navy ship, conducted what is widely believed to be the first clinical trial when he examined the effect that eating citrus had on sailors suffering from scurvy. To acknowledge Lind’s contributions and honor all clinical research professionals, we celebrate International Clinical Trials Day on May 20 every year.

Without clinical researchers working tirelessly behind the scenes to test new medical interventions, patients wouldn’t be able to benefit from a multitude of lifesaving and life-enhancing medical treatments available today.

Why Clinical Trials Are Important 

They Help Bring Lifesaving Treatments to Patients

Clinical trials are an essential step in bringing new treatments to patients around the world. Researchers who discover a medical intervention or potentially lifesaving medication have to conduct clinical trials before they can reach patients who need it. Without clinical trials, we wouldn’t see many of the medical advancements available today, like new cancer-fighting drugs, innovative brain surgeries, or life-enhancing kidney treatments.

They Ensure New Medical Treatments Are Safe

Some medical interventions  may not  reach patients if it is found the treatment could potentially  cause debilitating side effects or adverse outcomes. Clinical trials are specifically designed to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs, interventions, and surgical procedures before they’re released to the broader population.

Specifically, clinical trials help find treatments that cure a higher proportion of people than existing interventions, work better than a placebo, result in better management of chronic health conditions, or are safer than existing interventions. The only way to reliably ensure treatment meets these criteria is through a clinical trial.

They Empower Patients

Volunteering for a clinical trial often helps patients  to feel more in control over their diseases. A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness can be demoralizing for many patients, and contributing to clinical trials can help them feel like they’re more aggressively fighting their disease.

DCR Celebrates Clinical Research Professionals

Today and every day, DaVita Clinical Research thanks all clinical research professionals for their essential contributions to public health and medicine. We’re proud to offer a spectrum of services to researchers looking to advance clinical drug research and device development for renal patients. Learn more about our work today.