Expertise in Renal Research

DaVita Clinical Research® has a long history of advancing kidney care and brings exceptional depth of knowledge and clinical expertise in renal research and late phase clinical trial operations for Phase II-IV trials.

With access to one-third of the total US end stage renal disease (ESRD) patient population, we can access our dense patient-level data to guide the design of your protocol, identify sites and quickly enroll late phase clinical trial subjects. Our team has a 25-year track record of employing a resourceful approach to late phase clinical trials that will enable you to make confident decisions and meet your late phase study timelines. Contact the DaVita late phase clinical research team to find out more.

  • Access to 160,000 dialysis patients in the US
  • Access to the largest renal patient database with 14 billion data points
  • Access to our growing, data-rich CKD network
  • More than 150 late phase, investigative physicians practices and more than 250 sites
  • Protocol design and feasibility
  • Inclusion/exclusion sensitivity analysis
  • Integration strategy into CKD patient environment

Our access to patients and our long-standing relationships with investigator physicians allow us to get study sites up and running efficiently and effectively using data-driven metrics to select the best sites for late phase clinical studies.

No other clinical research organization has deeper experience in conducting renal trials. DaVita Clinical Research® has had direct engagement with every end stage renal drug that has received FDA approval in the past 15 years.