Gain Answers That Come Only with a Healthcare Provider’s Perspective and Access to Data

DaVita Clinical Research® Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) services bring real-world evidence to your project. As part of a healthcare provider organization, we have first-hand knowledge of health economics challenges and the ability to deliver solutions based on practical and empirical evidence that support access and appropriate use of new drugs and therapies. Our large, clinically rich databases provide a comprehensive patient picture, and our recognized health outcomes research experts work with you to analyze, interpret and communicate your study findings.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research:

  • Economic modeling
  • Epidemiology and biostatistics
  • Burden of illness studies
  • Comparative effectiveness/safety evaluations
  • Prospective study design, execution and analysis
  • Disease management design, execution, evaluation and validation
  • Commercial reimbursement and formulary placement
  • Policy analytics and legislative briefings
  • Strategic consulting

Your DaVita Clinical Research Health Economics Team

From our extensive operational expertise and clinical knowledge of patients with renal disease and co-morbid conditions, our health outcomes experts bring deep strategic experience in analysis to support decisions related to drug and device approval and market access.

From the very beginning, we align with your project goals to create a dedicated team of leading clinical and scientific experts. Our operational approach allows you to have access to the same handpicked team throughout the entire project — providing for the greatest levels of continuity and integrity for your research.

Go beyond claims data

As part of DaVita HealthCare Partners, Inc., we have unique access to extensive patient data sets providing longitudinal views on patient populations. This provider relationship creates research-ready data sets containing complete EHR and claims data. In addition, all lab values are from a single laboratory delivering tightly controlled results with greatly reduced variability. The total result is genuine real-world evidence.