Hepatic Clearance Services

Regarded by some as the clearance experts, DCR’s two clinical pharmacology centers offer a broad range of experience within the clinical pharmacology space

Deep depth of experience in the areas of

  • Hepatic/renal clearance
  • Drug-drug interaction
  • Food-effect
  • AME radio-label trials

Maintain ready access to a robust and expanding population of these patients for many years

Extensive track record

  • Performed more than 15 such trials over the last five years
  • Enrolled 200+ hepatic subjects in trials since 2013
  • Average enrollment time-frame of 4-6 months
  • Robust database of hepatic impaired volunteers is comprised of patients ranging from cirrhotic to Hepatitis C positive

Offer a single source, multi-site full service solution for clinical trials with Hepatic subjects

Two-site solution offering 122 bed footprint

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Denver, Colorado

Harmonized SOPs for the delivery of quality data

30 years of company-wide experience

  • Experienced clinical pharmacology clearance team
  • Conducted over a hundred Hepatic protocols
  • Enrolled over a thousand hepatic impaired subjects

DCR’s active database of hepatic impaired subjects consists of 633 Child Pugh A (Mild), B (Moderate), C (Severe) hepatic impaired volunteers